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15-minute miso ramen is a simpler version of my creamy miso ramen – Slurp!! All …

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15-minute miso ramen😍 is a simpler version of my creamy miso ramen – Slurp😋!! All in one pot. 🙌🏼⁣
Credit woon.heng
This recipe uses similar ingredients in the broth from my previous recipe but with modified ways on how to prepare them. ⁣
The result: A silky smooth broth and packed with umami richness. Each slurp has my tastebuds craving for the next bite. Mmmm..flavorful, cozy, and delicious.🤤I created this quicker version to satisfy your ramen cravings, especially when you are not near a vegan ramen shop (like me). That said, I still enjoy using my suribachi & surikogi to grind my sesame seeds, so if you like that, then please check my other miso ramen recipe.😊⁣

Recipe with full instructions and products used are now live on my blog: https://woonheng.com/15-minute-vegan-miso-ramen/⁣
or search ‘miso ramen’ on woonheng.com⁣
or visit my YouTube channel to watch the whole process⁣

Tag some friends, share it, pin it and make a bowl soon.🤗⁣

– Since it’s hard to source fresh ramen, I used instant dry noodle (Wu Mu) that comes in a square (63g each) which works perfectly in this one-pot dish.⁣
– If you prefer more broth, please use 1 noodle square instead⁣
– Creamier unsweetened plant milk works better, I have tried oat, cashew, and soymilk. ⁣
– Please note that the saltiness of miso and dou ban jiang (fermented bean sauce) varies by brand, so taste test before adding more or serving.⁣


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