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Easy Tom Yum zoodles soup! By What is your favorite quick meal to make? ⁣ This…

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Easy Tom Yum zoodles soup😋!
By woon.heng
What is your favorite quick meal to make? ⁣
This is one of my go-to when I need a delicious and simple soup for not just lunch but dinner too. It’s light with an amazing tang that makes me salivate just thinking about it. Add some rice noodles or more vegetables to make it into a tom yum soup. I have tried with a simple homemade chile paste recipe or use tom yum paste to make this into a delicious meal.⁣😊

Check out the recipe with full instructions on her blog: https://woonheng.com/tom-yum-zoodles-soup/⁣
or search ‘tom yum’ on woonheng.com⁣

– I used a spiralizer for the zucchini and if you don’t like zucchini, you can try it with squash or bihun (rice vermicelli). For the bihun, please prepare as directed before adding the soup.⁣
– If you can find lime leaf, add more lime juice for the tang or use a combo of lime juice and tamarind juice (this is so good. I mixed mine using tamarind pulp and water).⁣
– For a non-spicy version, skip the addition of Thai chile.⁣

Hope you give it a try. Have a wonderful day! Ramadan Murabak and selamat berbuka puasa to those who celebrate🙏🏼 Best, Woon Heng ⁣ 韵馨💜
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