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Follow us for Daily vegan recipes! . . Delicious dumplings soup By ⁣ Recipe…

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🏮Delicious dumplings soup 🥟
By woon.heng

Recipe (makes about 30 dumplings)⁣
~ wonton wrappers, thawed to room temperate⁣
~ 1/2 lb bok choy + 1/2 lb Napa cabbage, cleaned & separated by leaves⁣
~ 1 King oyster mushrooms, finely chopped⁣
~ 1 small carrot, finely chopped⁣
~ 1 teaspoon grated ginger⁣
~ 2 cups veggie stock⁣
~ oil, toasted sesame oil, salt, white pepper⁣

✅Bring a pot of water to boil, add a drizzle of oil & pinch of salt. Blanch bok choy & cabbage for 5 minutes & transfer them to an ice bath, then drain well. When it’s cooled to handle, squeeze out all liquid & finely chop the veggies (be sure they are not too wet so it won’t break the wrapper when assembling).⁣
✅Meanwhile, sauté chopped mushrooms with a little oil until fully cooked & fragrant (if other mushrooms are used, please be sure to drain out the liquid).⁣
✅Place chopped veggies, mushrooms, carrots & grated ginger in a bowl. Season with salt, toasted sesame oil & white pepper.⁣
✅To make the dumplings, place 1 teaspoon of filling in the middle of the wrapper & press to seal (please check IGTV for wonton folding🙏🏻). Bring a pot of water to boil & using a slotted spoon, slowly drop the dumplings in. Cook dumplings over med-high heat until they float up & let them stay afloat for another 1 min. Spoon dumplings out into a bowl. Season veggie stock with salt, white pepper & mushrooms seasoning. To serve, ladle warm stock over dumplings, top with more veggies, scallions & drizzle of toasted sesame oil😋



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