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Pasta in lemon tahini sauce with crispy pepper chickpeas by A delicious combo …

Pasta in lemon tahini sauce with crispy pepper chickpeas by the_clumsy_vegan 🌿 A delicious combo of crunchy chickpeas and creamy pasta!

For chickpeas:
Chickpeas: 1 Can drained and pat dried
Thyme: 2 sprigs
Salt: 2 t
Pepper: 2 t
Lemon juice: 1 T
Olive oil: 2 T
-Heat olive oil in a skillet and add thyme
– Add chickpeas and remaining ingredients
– Cook stir frying till chickpeas are crispy 🌿
For pasta:
Shallots: 1
Chives: 2 T
Bay leaf : 1
Oat milk: 2 C
Water: ½ C
Pepper: 2 t
Tahini: 2 T
Lemon rind: 1 t
Lemon juice: Juice of ½ lemon
Salt to taste
Olive oil
-Heat oil in a pan and add bay leaf and chives. Sweat shallots till translucent.
-Add oat milk and bring to a simmer
– Add pasta and water and cook frequently stirring till pasta cooks
– Stir in tahini, lemon and pepper.
– Season as desired and top with chickpeas. Garnish with chives.
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